Celebrating 18 Years In Business.
Over 27,000,000 contracts traded...
A solid broker-customer relationship is the key to successful trading.

LAKEFRONT Futures & Options offers each and every customer the opportunity to have as much involvement with their broker as they would like. We realize some customers like to trade on their own with no opinions from us while others like to know that we’re there with them through every part of their trade.

Hedging Services

Lakefront Futures specializes in assisting farmers, ranchers, grain elevators, corporations, and feedlots to hedge their production. By using Lakefront's hedging experience, these producers are able to protect their losses and limit forward price risk. Whether large or small, learn how Lakefront can help your business develop a hedging strategy.

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Full Service Trading

With our customizable service, clients have the ability to choose how much trading assistance they require. Whether you trade independently through an electronic platform, call in your trades, or require complete assistance and trade recommendations, our Lakefront representatives will cater to your needs.

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