Ed Waller

Managed Futures Specialist

Melbourne, FL

Ed Waller has joined Lakefront and is looking forward to bringing a unique perspectives and experience to growing out Lakefronts asset management business. Prior to joining Lakefront, Ed founded Lakeview to provide alternative products that are proprietary in nature and have here to fore not been open to outside investors. Prior to organizing Lakeview, he was a consultant to Optyon Trading, The Webb Fund, Price Asset Management, UBS, Illington Capital, IntlFCStone, Deutsche Bank, EDFMan Capital and ABN on the selection of managers for Institutions and Family Offices. He was also an institutional execution broker at INTLFC Stone and EDFMan Capital Markets. He was an innovator in execution for HFT trading while at these two firms as well as being skilled in developing OTC options. While working with ABN, he was co-developer and a director of the Lighthouse Energy Fund an extremely successful energy hedge fund He also was involved in the development of the Illington Energy Fund. Prior to becoming an independent consultant, he was Co-Chairman of Crescent Group. Crescent Group was one of the largest commodity trading groups in the agricultural sector, with 22 offices and four divisions throughout the U.S. Prior to co-founding Crescent; Edward was a senior vice president of Refco Group. At Refco he worked directly for two of the three partners, Willard Sparks and Charles McVean.While with Refco, Ed developed a client base of Family Offices in Europe and the U.S.He also He developed the GamAgri Fund for GAM, a leading global asset manager for high net worth investors in Europe. Ed also founded M.E. Waller Company, which analyzed and funded emerging traders, while running M.E. Waller Company he funded approximately 30 traders over a four-year period. Since his inception in the futures industry, in 1981, Edward has spoken to investment conferences, seminars and futures symposiums on the role of managed futures in risk management and alpha generation, the utilization of swaps, development of trading systems, trading psychology and hedging throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. He has lived in London, Hamburg, Zurich, Chicago, Dallas, Memphis and Hong Kong which has given him a broad exposure to global markets. He has been an active investor with commodity traders for over 25 years, investing with many managers in his career. Edward earned a B.A. in European History,Magna Cum Laude, from the University of South and did graduate studies in American Foreign Policy at Harvard University. He has published numerous white papers on the futures industry and published Supply Shock, a book on the energy markets.