Doug Hutcheon

Managed Futures Specialist

Tampa, FL

Doug Hutcheon started his career at the Chicago Board of Trade in 1993. His time at the CBOT gave him a solid knowledge of futures markets and experience with a wide range of commodities, options, forex and cash markets. After his time in Chicago, Doug moved on to a position with a highly regarded Commodity Trading Advisor in Santa Barbara, California as a Portfolio Manager. There he gained invaluable experience with all aspects of a CTA. Daily functions of his included trading, risk management, compliance, and client services.

As a longtime athlete and coach, having a team mentality has always been a part of Doug’s philosophy. He sees his role as much like that of an investment coach - someone who can teach, train and guide his clients with complementing their core investments using Managed Futures.

Doug currently resides in Tampa, Florida with his wife and two sons. He takes full advantage of the sunshine by spending time at the beach and playing sports with his boys.