Joe English

Branch Manager

Irvine, CA

Joe graduated from The College of William & Mary in 1969 with a BA degree in foreign Languages and History. In 1970 he successfully completed studies in German at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey Ca. After serving as an interpreter for two years in Germany in the US Army, he entered the financial field as an Estate Planner with the Home Life of New York.

Joe entered the futures business with Merrill Lynch Commodities Inc. in April of 1981. From there he brokered with some primary Wall Street firms such as Prudential Sec. Inc, Smith Barney and UBS.

Joe’s proficiency lies in technical trading with an eye on the psychology of the markets. Joe’s specialty is in searching for all markets that are either oversold or overbought and thereafter he identifies their targets. He identifies zones on charts that show areas of supply or demand. His markets include the stock indexes, the grains, the financials, the energies, the metals, foreign currencies, the meats and the softs.

After 36 years in the futures business Joe has a great deal of experience and knowledge to share with clients to help them grow their assets.